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Playing well with others: the Group Affinity Project...

October 25, 2011

An affinity group, as a mode of activism, concerns a diverse group of...

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Looking Inside Out in Brooklyn

September 21, 2011

Brooklyn residents try to "turn the world inside out" with a public art

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Chicago Artists Take on L.A.

November 15, 2010

The work that is presented in this exhibition is a critical reassessment of...

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Interview with musician Matthew Santos

December 6, 2009

The Grammy-nominated, Chicago based singer/songwriter celebrates his "Album...

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Interview with Jeanne Steig

November 27, 2009

Multimedia artist/author, and widow of the late cartoonist/author William Steig

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Pirate Radio

November 13, 2009

An interview with writer/director Richard Curtis and actor Tom...

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Use Your Kitchen Before Going Broke

November 9, 2009

Students of SAIC share easy to make and easy to afford recipes.

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Interview With Michael Stuhlbarg

October 14, 2009

F sits down with Michael Stuhlbarg, the lead actor of the Coen Brothers’...

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Art that Pays the Bills

October 6, 2009

Alumni Pick up a Brush to Support the Next Generation

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Super-staffed Gardener constantly whimpers

October 17, 2005

Not even you, Ralph Fiennes, could save the political dead weight that is The...

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Recent Survey Asks: Are Movies Terrible?

October 17, 2005

Every summer, movie theatres are flooded with a series of blockbuster hopefuls,...

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Don’t Stare at the Lights, Honey!

October 17, 2005

It was perfect timing for Sonnier to show at one of Chicago's best art...

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