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December 2021 Issue Out Now!

Arts & Culture

Art and Migration: An Interview with Yuge Zhou

December 23, 2021

Yuge Zhou uses media art to both show and soothe the pain of migration.

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A Walk Through an “Available City”

December 18, 2021

The 2021 Architecture Biennial addresses Chicago's abundance of vacant lots, reimagining them as sites of emergence.

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Once More With Feeling

December 13, 2021

(Satirically) ranking Chicago's many experience exhibitions.

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Student Spotlight: Jinwoo Hwon Lee 이훤

January 16, 2022

Photographer and poet Jinwoo Hwon Lee 이훤 on his current work and forthcoming book.

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Alumni Spotlight: Ethan Persoff

December 22, 2021

Ethan Persoff (BFA 1997) draws with sound and compiles niche archives.

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Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Picard

December 19, 2021

Caroline Picard (MFAW 2010) on starts and stops, living with a mountain, and ennui.

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News in Brief: January 23, 2022

January 23, 2022

From Chicago's guaranteed income pilot programs to a pig heart.

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News in Brief: January 16, 2022

January 16, 2022

This week's news from the working world.

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News in Brief: January 9, 2022

January 9, 2022

Five stories from this week's news.

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Ghosts in the Machine: The Star-Spangled Monsters of Alex Casanas’s “The Monument Mythos”

January 21, 2022

A deep dive into no-budget filmmaking and living the American nightmare with Alex Casanas, creator of "The Monument Mythos."

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The Sky Talks: 2022 Brings Optimism and Expansion

January 19, 2022

Diana Motta reveals the energy that the universe has in store for all the signs in 2022.

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Ghosts in the Machine: The Fearful Symmetry of Alex Kister’s “The Mandela Catalogue”

January 16, 2022

Entertainment Editor Nestor Kok sits down with Alex Kister, the fresh new face of analog horror and YouTube content creation, to discuss the unique brand of terror in "The...

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Book Review: Glyph: Graphic Poetry = Trans. Sensory

December 8, 2021

In her new work, Naoko Fujimoto uses fragments to capture the feeling of memory.

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For Better Or Worse: The New York Times Book Review Turns 125

December 7, 2021

Love it or loathe it, the New York Times Book Review recently celebrated 125 years. Where has this behemoth taken the literary world, and where can it go next?

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The Rust Belt Dispatch

November 9, 2021

Cleveland-based Belt Publishing works to infiltrate the established publishing world and disrupt what it considers “sophisticated” writing.

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El Machete Illustrated – Rose Colored Glasses

January 10, 2022

El Machete Illustrated by Eric J Garcia.

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Bad Parable – New Variants

January 10, 2022

A brand new Bad Parable all about brand new variants.

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Red Herring

January 10, 2022

"Red Herring" by Tyler Gregoire. This comic appeared in the December print issue of F Newsmagazine with no credit. Tyler Gregoire drew this comic and we apologize for...

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