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The Long Wait Is Almost Over

School officials say the new Student Center will be unveiled in April 2012.

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Nose to the Glass

F reporters hit the streets to ask SAIC students, “What are your feelings about the new student center? What should it have to best meet the needs of SAIC students?” Here’s what they had to say:

“As an SAIC student I do think we need a communal area where all of us can gather, not separated by department. … I definitely want to see the SAIC logo prominently placed somewhere, and I hope we will establish ourselves as a brand because ultimately that’s what gets noted. I also look forward to comfortable chairs, good food. Hopefully SAIC will also change the way they do food.”
—Gibran Villalobos, Dual MA

“Unless the new student center includes a nap area, I honestly don’t think that students at SAIC need another lounge. Also, I’m seriously serious when I say that the school needs a nap area.”
—Cyndi Outarsingh, 4th year, Fashion Design

“Another place on campus for students to work is good. Hopefully the space will be available for students to put on performances or readings or workshops. It would be nice to stumble into things like that sometimes.”
—Ian Endsley, 3rd year, BFAW

“I think the school should be more concerned with expanding academic departments rather then spending money on a mediocre cafeteria. The fiber department could use its own floor, the fashion department is rapidly increasing. I’m sure there are other departments that could profit off an expansion as well. The last thing an inner city school needs is another Starbucks.”
—Laura Dodd, 4th year, Fashion Design

“Outside access to the new SUGS galleries would allow more folks passing by to check them out. We are an art school, right? Healthy/tasty food options in the new cafeteria. I don’t always want overpriced pre-packaged food before class. Good inexpensive food is so hard to find down town. I would love for the new space to be a real gathering place for ALL students. Lots of moveable sitting space, decent coffee and art.”
— Ross Stanton Jordan, Dual MA

“I hope the new construction helps give students a truly comfortable, social gathering space. It would be nice to offer student organizations more visibility as well as provide a meeting place. As for the cafeteria, it would be wonderful to have something open late with healthy menu options. Sometimes the options close to school can feel really limited, especially later in the evening.”
—Mia Lopez, Dual MA

“As for student space we have now, some people think the couches in the student lounges are ugly, and some have been tired of the white plasterings with nothing in there. If they are going to make a new student center, I would expect it to be something not like that.
I would rather see more money going into our equipment for the department or media center. Or they can have classrooms with a computer for every student so they can learn to use pro tools.”
—Jesse Knowles, 3rd year undergrad, Sound; Film, Video, New Media and Animation

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