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The 2023 Fall Undergraduate Exhibition

This year’s grand showcase of the graduating artists’ work

By Multimedia, SAIC

The 2023 Fall Undergraduate Exhibition showcased the culminating, ambitious, and innovative interdisciplinary work of over 110 graduating seniors. The event was organized by Josh Fairbanks, Assistant Director of Exhibitions, and the Department of Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies. The exhibition was open at the SAIC Galleries from Nov. 3 to 17.

Here are some of the pictures of the artworks displayed at the exhibition.

Upon reaching the B1 floor, visitors are greeted by a vibrant and colorful installation piece created by Craig Schmidt.
Artist Name: Craig Schmidt
Artwork Name: Stuff Going on in Chicago, 2023
Material: Screen printing and monotypes on paper, plastic, and styrofoam

Visitors observe the fascination of rotating hand artwork.
Jiarui Li
Such a Temporary, 2023
Wood, silicone rubber compound, glass, water, motor, Type C charger, temperature controller, heating rod, plastic wrap
The hand rotates half a round per minute and hits the plastic wrap every two minutes.
Each hit knocks some droplets down from the wrap.

Upon entering a room in the SAIC gallery, you may encounter and be overwhelmed by a big installation piece. Visitors can then walk around the artwork and absorb its details.
Artist Name: Gracie Hagen
Artwork name: Colored by Today, 2022-2023
Material: Cotton fabric, thread, dowel, ambient sound from institutions
These hand-embroidered banners feature notes exchanged between two teenage friends. Each hour spent sewing is an act of meditation and preservation of these words while reflecting on the covert forces that have guided choices and shaped perceptions of the world. The installation’s large- scale documents sway as viewers navigate, accompanied by ambient sounds from various institutions. The sounds underscore the social framework in which we exist while the stitched words point to transformation.

Hailin Kwak provides explanations and discusses the motivations of her music with the visitors.
Artist Name: Hailin Kwak
Artwork name: Loop Trip, 2023
Medium: Music and video
Length: “14:23 mins”
Social Media: @heylinn

The artwork reflects visitors on the TV screen as they approach the monitor. This interaction allows visitors to feel more connected and relate to the piece.
Artist Name: Hope Barkov
Artwork Name: Symtechnotic, 2023
Medium: Multimedia installation
Symtechnotic presents a post-patriarchal future reimagining the structure of time, biology, and community. Through speculation and material exploration, this work blurs the boundaries between the digital and the natural, human and non-human.

Artwork Name Biological Clock, 2023 Medium: Ferrofluid, water, glassware, pneumatic tubing, microcontroller, motor, LEDs, magnet Description: Kinetic structure changing in accordance with menstrual data throughout the average cycleThe artwork explores the connection between people and birds.
Artist Name: Nim Marasco
Artwork Name: The Birds, and Other Messages from the Universe, 2023
Medium: Handmade clay, handmade paper, found metal, rust, indigo, denim, cyanotype, grasses, yarn, wood


Some visitors come to celebrate the artist Si Yeong Oh for her senior year exhibition.
Artist Name: Si Yeong Oh
Artwork Name: COLOTIONS, 2023
Medium: Acrylics, White & Black Markers

By incorporating various art mediums, the artwork becomes more interdisciplinary and interactive.
Artist Name: Michael Powers
Artwork Name: The “Stay-A-While” Reading Nook, 2023
Medium: Mixed media


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