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Slay Station: Donning Pajamas to School? Absolutely!

Rocking Bold Style and Embracing Self-Expression with Maria Kucheryuyy

By Featured, SAIC

Photo by Anastasi Elektra

For our second feature,  Slay Station welcomes Maria Kucheryuyy, a sophomore studying illustration with a burgeoning love for fashion. Kucheryuyyisn’t afraid to push boundaries, and her vibrant style reflects that adventurous spirit. Her outfit that day when I spotted her brightened my gloomy mood. The sharp contrast of bright red and green revived me instantly.

A: Maria, welcome to Slay Station! Your style is undeniably bold and full of personality. What’s your outfit choice for today telling the world?

M: Thanks for having me! Today, I’m rocking a red blazer with a contrasting green jacket, all on top of these leather pants. I love the play between bright colors, and it definitely reflects my personality.

A: Who is your favorite designer?

M: Alexander McQueen.

A: What about his work resonates with you?

M: Definitely the silhouettes! He wasn’t afraid to push boundaries with shapes and forms, and that’s something I try to do with my own style.

A: What’s your personal fashion motto?

M: It might sound cliché, but “Don’t be afraid to show yourself and be yourself!” is truly how I feel. Fashion is a way for me to express who I am on the inside.

A: Let’s talk about your fashion journey. I had known you for a while. You shared with me about  shifting in style after moving from Ukraine four years ago. Can you elaborate?

M. Back in Ukraine, things were more formal. Now here in Chicago, I’m drawn to the freedom of exploring color and composition, just like abstract art. My closet is filled with so many vibrant pieces!

A. Is there a specific color that speaks to you?

M. Absolutely! Red, especially bright red. It grabs attention and makes a statement, which is exactly what I want my style to do.

A. How does fashion play a role in how you interact with the world?

M: It’s a double-edged sword! The clothes I wear influence how people perceive me, and in turn, they empower me to embrace my true self. Bold colors symbolize confidence for me, a way of saying “I’m not afraid to be seen!”  Sure, some people might stare, but I don’t care. It’s a reflection of my personality, not theirs.

A: Any funny fashion stories you’d like to share?

M: (Laughs) Once at a rave, where everyone was rocking super revealing outfits, I felt completely covered in my “fit.”  Maybe a little too covered!  Instead of feeling self-conscious, I just started playfully staring back at the people staring at me. It turned into a funny memory.

A: Beyond clothes, do you have any favorite accessories?

M: My ring collection! Each one has a special meaning because it came from someone important in my life. When I’m feeling down, I just look at them and it brings me comfort.

A: How’s your Intro to Fashion class going?

M: It’s been amazing! I actually connected with my professor even though I was initially worried about judgment. He’s super open and encouraging, and it allows me to explore my creativity freely.

A: You mentioned a Ukrainian artist who inspires you. Can you tell us more about that?

M: Michael Koptev! His style is bold and unconventional, which really resonates with me. He’s all about self-expression through fashion.

A: Finally, how does the Chicago fashion scene compare to what you experienced in Ukraine?

M: Chicago feels more relaxed. Here, people don’t care if you wear pajamas to school, which is a big contrast to Ukraine where everyone is very trend-conscious.

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