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Recontextualizing African Art

April 7, 2024

A look at how the Faie African Art Gallery changes how we view African Art

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Black Art Collectives in Chicago

March 31, 2024

Find your village in this concrete jungle.

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Film Review: How ‘American Fiction’ Satirizes the Struggle...

March 29, 2024

And asking if the film erases the nuance of, ‘Erasure,’ its literary...

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SAIC Artist in Residence 2024 – Johnae Strong

March 23, 2024

Artist residency at SAIC's hidden Gem, Homan Square.

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Reimagining Jazz’s Funeral

March 17, 2024

A Reflection on ‘The Cry of Jazz’

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6 TV Shows Shimmering with Black Joy

October 20, 2023

You need to update your 'to watch list' immediately.

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The Highs and Lows of ‘Wendell & Wild’

December 4, 2022

With many animation and stop-motion fans hyping up Henry Selick and Jordan...

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Danielle Tyler Invited Conversation

June 29, 2022

Remembering an SAIC student through her contributions to the Anti-Racism...

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“I’m getting no credit for it”: Cultural Appropriation...

August 18, 2021

On TikTok, Black culture is absorbed into youth culture — without credit...

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Eternal Labors

February 11, 2020

A conversation with the organizers of the Re:Working Labor exhibition.

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Allison Janae Hamilton’s Dark, Pastoral Fantasies

January 31, 2020

How her art explores the many layers of our relationship with nature

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Cuz I Love Me

November 11, 2019

How Lizzo continues my family's message of self love.

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