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The Sky Talks: Scorpio Season and the End of Eclipse Season

Plus November’s horoscopes!

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Illustration by Bei Lin.

In this Scorpio season from October 23 to November 22, we gain determination, internal strength, and the ability to survive extreme situations. It is a month of spiritual transformation. An opportunity to disconnect from what no longer serves us and create a new beginning. It is a time for you to be a new you.

Scorpio season is for structure, confidence, and strength. Plan your day well and execute your ability to achieve because your abilities will be very strong.

Under Scorpio Energy, we realize our identity as creators of our own lives and how responsible we are for that. There is a combination of concentrated production and concrete results. Were you stuck with deadlines? Now we can organize them and prioritize them so that everything fits into our time and attention.

We carry out heavy tasks and feel the effort they would normally require. Focus and energy management are strong. Establish your goals, and you will reach them. Be autonomous, take the lead, and deepen your roots. During this season, choose your battles in affection and at work, and have total dedication to them.

Horoscope for November 2023

When reading your November horoscope, consider your sun sign and your rising sign.


The month of November brings profound transformations in your sense of power and in the secrets you keep.

Mars, your ruler, is strong. But Uranus is conflicting. There is a sense of grace and personal empowerment. Your ruler brings a lot of strength, but you may face things you don’t want to face. If any secrets come to light, it could be a surprise for everyone. But use this to your advantage.

The money you need will come. On November 24, Mars, your ruler, enters Sagittarius and brings more fun and joy into your life. You will be more open to adventures.

The Full Moon (November 27) can bring some conflicts with siblings. Some conclusion in the lives of your brothers, or some neighbor leaving. Pay attention to documents and review the way you learn.


The New Moon (November 13) will oppose your sign, and it will bring a lot of drama and surprises, especially in terms of relationships. Mars and Uranus are having an argument, and they bring new types of interactions with people that might come out of nowhere. The Full Moon (November 27) will bring the culmination of your experience with money and your possessions. There may be a bonus at your work, a career boost that strengthens your self-esteem. Or a promotion opportunity. But it can come with a lot of work, which can cause you some irritation. There may be a conclusion and closure on some expense that is exceeding your budget, it is a good time to identify it and cut it.

This can also translate into an increase in your self-esteem. In love, new people may appear, perhaps a friend you were never interested in, so this is the month to rediscover that person. Just don’t go to the pot too thirsty, be patient. It’s a new perspective on love. You can completely reframe what a relationship is.


Saturn going direct can move your career forward.

The New Moon (November 13) will bring a new beginning in your service provision and how you relate to your co-workers. Your routine and sense of usefulness will also be influenced, and you may be affected by sudden changes in your daily habits.

Uranus in opposition to the New Moon can bring sudden changes with your co-workers, but they will all end up falling into place and adjusting to the new dynamics.

The Full Moon (November 27) in your sign brings emotional intensity and a lot of adrenaline, as Mars is on the opposite side. Ask for patience so you don’t act impulsively. Your legacy may be tested, there may be tension with someone due to a power struggle. The Full Moon will illuminate your wills, your conduct, and your identity. And by understanding and absorbing your wishes, you will make the right decisions. Be true to yourself, your clarity lies in the truth of your emotions.


This month’s New Moon (November 13) will reactivate all matters of the heart, how you have fun and enjoy your relationships. The new Moon can also bring news in the area of raising your children if you are a father or mother. Your fertility can bring you surprises.

Uranus is opposing the New Moon. A brilliant idea can come out of nowhere, and you can implement it in a creative way. New opportunities for an awakened heart can make you happier

The Full Moon (November 27) can bring a desire to rest. Contrary to the peak energy of the Moon, you may want to be more collected, study, and have deep insights. Perhaps there will be an end to the cycle, to start again stronger. Maybe the stressful life you’ve been living will call for a break.


The New Moon (November 13) brings news and new perspectives to your foundation, in your family, with your parents, and in your home.

There is a rushed feeling, but we have a lot of assistance. Even if there is a lot of sudden movement, things end up falling into place in the best way possible.

There may be electrical or technology problems in your home.

There may be new opportunities in relation to the house, and your family. You may want to be with your parents. There is an energy of self-care and contact with your ancestors.

Mars will enter the fire sign (November 24), which works very well for you, as it will open your heart, and bring a lot of fire and adventure to your relationships. Lots of flirting. Be careful with betting and games.

The Full Moon (November 27) will illuminate your sense of community and social events. There will be opportunities for grandiose projects that can touch a wide audience.

Be careful not to create misunderstandings with friends. Some triggers may awaken in you, the question is, how will you react to your impulses? The tip here is not to be impulsive. You need to think strategically. Because many doors can open for the future.


The month of November brings you new learning opportunities and new synapses in the information you encounter. You may have to move around a lot this month. There must be a lot of stimulation from people close to you, your siblings perhaps. It is time to give up your excess control over these people and situations.

The Full Moon (November 27) will illuminate your career and the meaning of life for you. Some project in your career will reach their peak.


The New Moon (November 13) will bring new perspectives and create new money-making opportunities for you. There may be a lot of energy and drive for financial gains, perhaps a sense of urgency. On the other hand, there may be opposing forces that can give a feeling of instability. But don’t worry, the planet Neptune represents a frictionless adjustment in resolving these impasses. There is faith and magic involved, you will be able to transform the situation in your favor.

The Full Moon (November 27) will illuminate your place in the world. It will bring clarity but also a reality check to show you what your truth is. Some legal, religious, or political issues may be highlighted. You will learn to consider the feedback you receive with great patience.

Venus entered your sign on November 8, so, feel very good. There will be many blessings. You are a magnet for love. Follow everything that brings you sensory pleasure, and your journey will become sweeter and more loving. Tap into the potential of this strength and connect with the most genuine and graceful version of yourself.


November will be very powerful for you as the New Moon (November 13) in your sign requires attention to your identity. Your two rulers Mars and Pluto are super active, both at the beginning and end of the month, so you’ll feel adrenaline and a sense of urgency to love the person you’re becoming.

Your priorities may be tested, and how you deal with other people may be tested. There is an erratic energy that comes from your exchanges with others. These tests with others will help you hone your personality.

The Full Moon (November 27) will consolidate the transformations triggered at the New Moon. You may be provoked, however. Saturn is involved in this configuration and calls for calm and strategy, perhaps a sacrifice. Financial issues may arise, and you may need financial help from someone else. You will touch on issues of vulnerability which will strengthen your intimacy with your loved ones. You must feel deeply connected to this person, if you don’t, the connection won’t be worth it.


The New Moon (November 13) this month takes place in the sign of Scorpio and brings closure. When you connect with your safe place, in your silence, you will know what to do.

New beginnings here depend on closing karmic cycles, which can bring a feeling of loneliness.

Mercury entered your sign (November 11) and goes into retrograde motion at the end of the month. At the beginning of January, Mercury returns to direct movement in your sign, and you will be able to reassess your decisions made at the end of November, to do better. Take note.

Mars enters your sign (November 24) and brings determination and desire for change that may come with some irritation, but your stamina will be strong. Through consolidated strategies, you must implement changes.

The Full Moon (November 27) takes place in your opposite sign and will illuminate a truth in your relationships. Probably your partners or societies will illuminate your frustrations.


The month of November brings a lot of news for you in the areas of social projects and friendships. You can accomplish great things, which will affect a lot of people. Even opportunities, such as realizing a dream project, can arise unexpectedly.

There is a dilemma here between antagonistic forces. A friend can be provocative and can awaken a reactive response in you. The best way to deal with the situation is with non-violent communication. There will be a positive transformation of the situation if you apply spiritual precepts.

The Full Moon (November 27) will illuminate your service provision. And how useful you feel in your everyday life. Saturn is in the game and asks for well-thought-out strategies to deal with mishaps in your work environment.

The Full Moon (November 13) will also show you how much you are taking care of your health.

For those who are single, there may be a new crush in the area, a surprise, or a relationship with friends can also change the status of the relationship between you.


The month of November brings freshness to your professional development. Perhaps something new shakes your structures and provokes a quick reaction that can bring more ambition into your life.

The New Moon (November 13) in the sign of Scorpio brings a new meaning to life for you and can bring the promise of financial gain. There may be some delay in receiving money. Be patient, because you will receive what you deserve, at the right time.

The Full Moon (November 27) will illuminate and exalt all forms of happiness in your life. Where do you actually feel happy and creative? For those who have children, it is a great time to enjoy and have leisure time with them. Ask yourself, are you trying to please your friends too much?


The month of November brings new paths in the areas of travel and spiritual wisdom, or even in the academic world. There may be a new development in legal matters.

The New Moon (November 13) in the sign of Scorpio brings with it Mars opposing Uranus, which brings a feeling of irritability and sudden surprises. If you are studying, or work at an educational institution, there may be last-minute changes. If you are depending on a legal process, strategies may change. Another option is international trips with last-minute changes. Your intuition will help you make the right decision, listen to your heart, and pay attention to the signs around you. Your belief system may be challenged.

The Full Moon (November 27) will illuminate your relationship with your roots, your safe place, your home, and your family. Some issues in your life related to these matters must be addressed, and you will be responsible and accept things as they are realistically.

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