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Distro Day

The hardest job at F Newsmagazine.

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 Panel One: A person wearing a black t-shirt is leaning up against a bus stop sign and tapping on their phone as they wait for the bus. On the bench next to them, a pigeon is sitting. Panel Two: A witch with a crow on her shoulder walks into the frame. The person looks up as the pigeon flies away in response. Panel Three: The person takes a photo of the witch and attempts to be sneaky about it.  Panel Four: the crow on the witches shoulder opens its beak to caw and a ray of magic shoots out. Panel Five: The person is struck by the ray of magic and their body begins to warp as and melt in the force of the beam. Panel Six: A black panel labeled “the eternal void.” Two people are sitting in the background playing cards. The person from the bus stop falls into frame and one of them asks, “You tried to take a picture too, huh?”


This six panel comic starts with a panel that shows Kristen and Kit, the two F news distributors in the F office, Kristen looks at her phone and says “The Delivery Guy is here, we’ve got to go pick up the papers.”

The second panel shows Kit standing up and saying “Hold on.”

The third panel shows kit turning with the two sound effects “Woosh” and “woosh.”

The fourth panel shows Kit turning from a different direction with the sound effect “woosh.”

The fifth panel shows Kit standing with arms wide open surrounded by sparkles with a newly formed hat on their head.

The sixth panel shows Kit still holding their arms out with Kristen, Kristen says “Did you just do a magical girl transformation just to deliver papers?” Kit responds with “Yes” Kristen then says “And your magical girl transformation is just you in a hat?” Kit responds again and says “Obviously.”

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