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The human mind is a beautiful thing.

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Panel One: A cartoon brain that is trembling, with a musical staff flowing out of it. Geometric shapes decorate the bottom right corner. The caption at the top says “Neuroaesthetics”.

Panel Two: The caption says, “Flowers blooming in the desert”. A close up image of a blue and purple flower. A smaller panel in the top left depicts a leaf while the small panel in the bottom right shows the flower in its entirety.

Panel Three: “BOOM (to grow rapidly)” is in the center with a cartoon explosion effect in the background.

Panel Four: The caption says, “A bubble that bursts”. Two purple and blue colored bubbles, one smaller than the other. In the corner, lines depict a bubble that has been popped.

Panel Five: A long sequence of images in a stretched out panel. “BUBBLE” is written in a bubble with a bubble blower stick beside it. “SOAP” is written on a bar of pink soap, suds in the corner. “SOAP OPERA” is written on a microphone with music notes floating above. The word “STAGE” is centered on a stage with a light shining down on it.

Panel Six: The words, “Where reality is” is written at the top. The word “SUSPENDED” is hanging directly beneath on rope, rotated on its side with falling action lines.

Panel Seven: “ART” in big bubble letters that fill the panel. A pencil, pen, paintbrush, and crayon are in the four corners pointing toward the letters.

Panel Eight: The caption says, “A Representation of” at the top. Below is a silhouette of a head turned to the right. An oval in the middle of the head is empty except for the word, “THOUGHT”.

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