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What the F Are We Reading? Sept. 27 – Oct. 3, 2015

Keeping You Up-To-Date with What the F Staff is Reading Online

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Keeping You Up-To-Date with What the F Staff is Reading Online

This Guy from Texas Makes Around $10,000 a Month Shipping Potatoes.


Image Courtesy of @Potato_Parcel

Image Courtesy of @Potato_Parcel


Trevor Noah Just Started on The Daily Show and Our First Reaction Is: Why Aren’t You a Woman?

Or, at least, that’s the reaction of many critics who wonder why more female comedians don’t do late night TV. This article posits that instead of wondering why there aren’t many (if there are any) female late-night Talk Show hosts, we should just ask all of the women comedians we can find if they actually want to be a talk show host. The result is great and the answers are both hilarious and insightful as to why these women do what they do. Mostly, it’s because they love doing comedy, period.


Arts Editor Ryan Blocker Analyzes Stereotypes of Black, Gay Men in Shows Like “Law and Order” and “True Blood”

If you love these TV shows, you need to read this article. If you don’t, you’ve probably seen other shows or had experiences that you can relate to Ryan’s analysis. These characters are important, but their significance can often go unnoticed. The impact and relevance of popular television on our lives is not discussed enough.

Photo Courtesy of Vampire_Bill via Flickr

Photo Courtesy of Vampire_Bill via Flickr

Need Some Help with Your Tinder Bio?

Look no further than the Metropolitan Museum in NY. Their descriptions of art should give you ample inspiration.


This Man In Saudi Arabia Just Barely Escapes Certain Death by Falling Glass



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