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Art School Ipsum

Some self-aware filler text for your next big project proposal.

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Illustration by Berke Yazicioglu

Illustration by Berke Yazicioglu

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Laser cut the role of artist in society relational aesthetics subversive market system of discourse. 3D printing flatpack affect theory, public space manipulation commonality deception Fjallraven cultivating persona central to media archaeology. Story accumulation mass binary medium fluidity, ritualistic Deleuze deception protocol. Offset button machine unwelcomed critique hypothetical interview. Advising session humanities Pantone private preview Behance invite visuality Damien Hirst flask. Exploring systems questions mediocrity open-source contextualize flarf activate durational juxtaposition. Interactive agency self-reflexive identity, Elements of Style performativity whimsical panopticon. Interrogate deterritorialization interesting Rhizome signifier. Edgy voyeurism an inquiry into the nature of temporality labyrinth authorship, feedback loop paradigm shift+alt+command.

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