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I Am Chicago

Chicago-based blog, “I Am Chicago,” showcases a variety of Chicagoans from various neighborhoods.

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I stumbled upon this site, courtesy of my friend and F News contributor, Britany Robinson, and found its poignant depiction of residents in various Chicago neighborhoods quite lovely. Every neighborhood in the city has its own distinct personality, and that really comes through in this collection of photographs. A project created by by Adam Novak, Sara Collins, and Andrew Zoechbauer — who set up their photo studio on random street corners in different neighborhoods — the three collaborators hope to ultimately extend their coverage to thirty neighborhoods. Flip through the photos and check out Chicago’s diverse populace. A photo treat, indeed!

Tranquillina, Little Village


Isabel, Chinatown


Maryann and Tesa, Gold Coast


Roy, Stroger Hospital


images via: I Am Chicago

–Amanda Aldinger

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