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Spooky Feminist Novels for Halloween

October 26, 2023

3x the horror.

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Loving the Monster: Monstrous Romantic Leads

October 8, 2023

Here are five frightfully romantic flicks to sink your teeth into this...

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A spooky autumnal graveyard. A hand comes into the frame holding a love letter. There is a grave that reads "Here Lies 1980s Horror Film Scores."

A Love Letter to 80s Horror Movie Scores

February 14, 2023

Music sets the scene for the perfect kill.

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Moving Pictures: ‘Werewolf by Night,’ a Monochrome...

October 26, 2022

Has anyone ever wondered what would happen if Marvel made a werewolf movie?

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Strange Dreams

October 21, 2022

Dreams teeter the line between horrifying and homoerotic in this new comic from...

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The Aquabats: Kooky Spooky… in Stereo!

November 2, 2020

A comics review of the new Aquabats album.

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Bad Parable: “Halloween”

October 31, 2020

Another installment of Bad Parable, Halloween edition.

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Season’s Greetings

October 20, 2020

A sweet musical number in comic from by Alex Sensiba.

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Introspective Vampire

October 15, 2020

A beautifully detailed look at an eerie melancholic vampire.

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How “American Horror Story: 1984” Reimagines the Slasher

December 17, 2019

How this season rights some wrongs in the genre's history, and its own.

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Shelving the Stereotypes

October 28, 2019

Flaxman's 6th annual Bibliodérive seeks to challenge expectations in the

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Halloween vs. Halloween: Horror Tropes and The Final...

November 28, 2018

Tropes still apply to the latest installment of horror classic "Halloween" but...

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