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Sunset (Atardecer), 2003, Alexandre Arrechea


Makeshift New Media

April 1, 2015

Cuban Artists Overcome Technological Shortages

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Illustration by Alex Kostiw


Dear Cuba: I’ll Take You Back Now.

March 25, 2015

Sincerely, the U.S.

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Art and Anything Else

January 12, 2015

SAIC has been at the forefront of incorporating science into an art curriculum,...

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Joseph Grigely: Beauty Is Difficult

October 25, 2014

The artist lectures as part of SAIC's Low-Residency Masters Program, discussing...

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From Doors and Authors to Porn and Smudges

October 16, 2014

In a society where the ghosts of slavery and racism still haunt our politics...

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Culture Shock

September 22, 2014

Moving to a new place is about learning how to enter the future in all its...

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Fiesta del Sol 2014

August 2, 2014

Fiesta del Sol, the largest Latino festival in the Midwest, began as a small...

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The Newberry Library’s 30th Annual Book Fair

August 1, 2014

"About forty percent of the people that come into the library are looking to...

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