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There’s a darkness to all of the cozy-sweaters and lattes of autumn.

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“Pumpkin” by Alex Lee and Zoe Regnier.



Panel One: A white woman walks down an autumn street. The trees are orange and falling leaves scatter around the panel. The woman is wearing a green sweater, a short black skirt, and a black beanie which covers her brown hair. Two boxes of text in the panel introduce the narration. The first box reads: “I love fall,” The second box reads: “The colors.”

Panel Two: The woman stops in front of a door with a sign hanging on it that reads: Open. The panel is framed so we only see her midriff, showing off her sweater and skirt. A text box in the bottom right highlights another love of fall: “The Sweaters”.

Panel Three: A barista is behind the cashiers’ counter. She is reaching across the counter with a cup of hot coffee, yelling loudly in the coffee shop: “Latte!” In the background of the shop there is an orange sign that reads: “Pumpkin Latte Deal.”

Panel Four: The back three-fourths of the woman is shown. She is walking away in the panel while holding a cup of coffee. Across the panel a stream of color spills from her coffee  cup consisting of an orange visual aroma with pumpkins and glitter. A box in the bottom left completes the list of fall favorites, reading: “The smells.”

Panel Five: There’s a closeup of the woman holding her coffee. We can see on the label of the cup is a large pumpkin. A text box with a menacing looking font reads: “There’s just one problem.”

Panel Six: The woman raises the cup to her mouth to take a sip. Only the bottom half of her face is shown.

Panel Seven: The panel is colored black. The woman’s coffee has been spilled in the upper right, and the puddle takes the shape of a pumpkin with a skeleton’s face carved into it. In the lower right, we can see the woman’s hand and part of her arm, limp on the ground. Coffee pools around her hand like blood. The text of the panel — unrestrained by a box — reads: “I’m allergic to pumpkin.”

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