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The Sky Talks: Aries Season and the Desire of Desires

When was the last time you had an endless craving?

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Illustration by Shijing Li.

Aries season is here, and there are many Kabbalistic secrets about this sign that I’d like to share with you guys. Aries is the pioneer, the one who starts it all. This sign has a lot of courage, and because of its child side, they don’t let doubts and fears come in.

This month we can connect with courage.  Aries can be impulsive and do things without thinking. Because for an Aries, everything has to be done fast.

What is the secret of life?

It is not identifying with reality. In a movie when something happens that scares us, we jump. We identify completely with the characters in the movie. We actually identify with it so much that it’s almost like we are inside the movie, we are part of it.

If someone tells us something, we feel the need to answer back. That’s the truth, that’s who we are. We are always impacted, and we do not impact. Detachment can be seen as a lack of care, but it is not, it is a spiritual choice. We need to understand that reality is an illusion. When someone cuts us off in traffic, we have the ability to say, “Ok it happened, but I don’t identify with it. I am not part of that reality. I’m an observer. I am a witness.” We need to understand that we are witnessing our environment. We don’t need to be inside things. We connect with the real spiritual ability;  we are observers. The beauty of being in this place all the time is that nothing is personal.

What does Aries, the child of the zodiac, think?

Aries believes that everything is personal. You are attacking me personally. You are doing this for me. You want to piss me off. But spiritual maturity is taking responsibility. Everything that happens in my life happens to me. It gives me an opportunity, a life lesson for me to learn. So if I know I am a witness, I’m going to see it and not get personal. If it is about me, I’m reacting.

In this month of Aries, let’s learn to be a witness and observer. It’s not about being careless, on the contrary. Because if I don’t take it personally, I distance myself and manage to see where and how I can help; where I can change; how I can contribute, and I can choose. If I identify with reality, that’s when I become reactive. I can’t think straight or be clear. I can’t connect with my higher self. The reactive mode does not witness.

Kabbalists say that there is nothing that the Universe wants more from us than our own desire. The manifestation of our desires is actually secondary. We think that manifestation is more important than desire. But it is not.

Manifestation can only be limited, whereas desire can be connected with infinity. Manifestation is limited as it is at the level of physical reality. Desire, on the other hand, is connected with the spiritual world, which is divine and infinite. Desire is the source of everything.

Only if we have infinite desire, can our desire be connected with the divine! Those who have merit and are connected to infinite desire will be able to channel incredible things. A powerful desire channels wisdom and inspiration in crazy ways to accomplish things you have no idea how to do. True desire connects us with a dimension greater than anything.

Aries offers us a unique opportunity to initiate great growth and transformation, as it connects us with the zodiac’s greatest desire. And since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it also serves as a gateway to all the desires we will have throughout the year.

So, in this month of Aries, we must connect with a huge desire. When was the last time you had an endless craving?

In addition to being a visual artist, Diana Motta is also a Kabbalistic astrologer. She spent fourteen years immersed in kabbalah studies and graduated at the renowned Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. She works as a professional astrologer with personalized chart reading services and as a columnist for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. You can follow her Instagram profile for more astrology tips at @dika_astra_eng.

One Response to The Sky Talks: Aries Season and the Desire of Desires

  1. Liz says:

    This is really helpful! The separation between personal and detachment is an interesting take, and I hope to remember to apply this wisdom through any challenges that arise.

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