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SAIC Beat, S03E02 – Two Lies & A Truth: Brontë Mansfield

One story is true, and the other two are fabrications. Your hosts must guess…

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Bio: SAIC New Arts Journalism adjunct faculty member and alumna. Skilled podcaster currently working on a science-fiction audio series called “Keeper One,” based on an 800-page post-apocalyptic book written by her mother. Well-traveled — all of Brontë’s lies and truths are themed around her globe-trots.

Inconsequential Love: The Sims 4, a love that derives from the early 2000s original Sims, which a young Brontë played as a test subject in a study of how young girls interact with video games.

One of these stories is true, and the other two are fabrications. Your hosts must guess which…

Story #1: While visiting Japan at the tender age of 14, Brontë had her photo taken and then displayed on a billboard in the country’s rural mountainside.

Story #2: At a tartan handbag shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, Brontë bumped into a descendant of her ancestor’s mortal enemy, reviving a centuries-old blood feud.

Story #3: In a tragic end to a would-have-been magical evening, Brontë’s date to a British military ball dumped her for another attendee.

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