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Jazz for Beginners

A review of the Hyde Park Jazz Festival with director Kate Dumbleton

Chicago’s jazz scene remains vibrant, innovative and affordable, offering a wonderland for newcomers.

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One of the many jazz musicians today who continue to develop self-organized initiatives is Mike Reed, who was also performing at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival. Mentioning him, Kate Dumbleton states: “[artists like him] have tremendous agencies in terms of what their work is and what is represented. That is a political statement.” Reed is not only a respected musician and composer; he is also the artistic director of the Pitchfork Music Festival, founder of the venue Constellation and founding director of the Umbrella Music collective and the eponymous festival which will take place 8-10 November 2013.

The Hyde Park Jazz Festival was a delightful introduction to Chicago’s jazz scene, which remains undoubtedly vibrant and innovative. Most venues dedicated to Jazz in Chicago are affordable and accessible to “beginners” ears, so if you feel ready to take the musical plunge, here is a short list of recommendations:

The Jazz Showcase
The Green Mill (fantastic old school club)
The Hungry Brain
The Hideout
Elastic Arts (jazz Series)
The Whistler
Skylark (Monday Night)

Listen to Alexia Casanova’s interview with Kate Dumbleton here

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