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Checking in on Chicago Ideas Week

It’s not too late to get involved.

By Entertainment

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, there are still a few days left to catch one of the events happening for Chicago Ideas Week.  CIW annually organizes talks, labs, and other interactive programs in multiple locations across the city as a means of connecting local citizens with both international and Chicago-based thinkers, artists, comedians, businesspeople, and other sorts or creative individuals.  This year’s Chicago Ideas Week kicked off on Monday, and there are still events happening through Sunday October 20.


Chicago Ideas Week at Design Cloud

I caught a CIW lab last night at Design Cloud in the west loop.  Entitled “Open to the Public: Why The Role Of Curator Is No Longer Limited To Fine Art,” the event featured a panel of five speakers that discussed the ways in which the idea of the curator exists across multiple disciplines, as well as the effects of technology on the curator’s role.  The discussion was introduced by Design Cloud Principal Nick Stocking, and the panel included emcee Mike Carpenter (Design Cloud’s project manager) and speakers Joe Lucchese (from Pro-Ject), Vanessa Ruiz (founder of art blog Street Anatomy), Angela Bryant (director of Abryant Gallery), April Francis (founder of Dose Market), and Chris Smith (graphic/web designer and musician).


While many of CIW’s remaining events have sold out, there are still lots of ways to get involved with the program.  As of this writing, Leo Burnett’s “Creative Process: A Method to the Madness” (featuring Mario Batali as well as a bunch of other great speakers) still has tickets available, and, like all CIW events, costs only $15.  Even if that one sells out too, it’s only one of many great opportunities to get out this weekend and hear some great ideas.  And for those of us that are strapped for cash (or just homebodies), there are additional CIW events that can be live-streamed right to your computer.

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