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Haunted Florida and the Paranormal Ghost Society

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As a native Floridian, I’m familiar with the strange vibes emanating from the sulfur-stinking, swampy land mass. While searching for tacky tourist spots to check out on my next trip down south, I came across this gem of a site…

Haunted Florida

They have a pretty comprehensive list of spooky haunts and purported ghost sitings – among them, some frightfully mundane…

Gainesville. 13th Street Walmart.
A woman has been seen and felt by those of developed psychic sense. She is harmless and from observations made she was employed here up until three days before her passing. Roughly a month after, employees have seen and felt her presence, in particular, Infants and Girls wear. In other parts of the store, Jewelry, Crafts and Domestics, conversations and cold spots have been experienced when no one is around. Best times have been between the hours of 3:00 AM – 7:00 AM.

St Petersburg. Vinoy Hotel.
A Major league ball player stated that he was visited at night by a spirit that; While asleep in his room, someone pressed on his back and awakened him. At which time he looked at a man in a top hat and long coat standing beside his bed. When he refocused his vision, the man was still there. He rolled over to turn on the over head light, and when he turned around, the man was gone. He stated this actually happened and has several major league ballplayers say the same thing happened to them while staying at the Vinoy hotel.

Tallahassee. Tallahassee Community College.
The land that TCC is built on , was originally a CEMETERY. All but 3 graves were moved. No family/next of kin could be located as to what to do with the remains. They just built over them. Many years later the owners of the airstrip SOLD the property to TCC and construction underwent. When they began bulldozing the area that is NOW the LIBRARY they discovered the 3 remaining graves/coffins.

1) During a night class at the school the students and professor witnessed a SHADOW on the wall appearing to be of someone walking around the room .Yet, the entire class was seated and the professor was no where near the shadow.

2) 2 night janitors that had had stepped out for a break ( I can’t remember where at the school but the article listed EXACT location ) the began to get the feeling as if someone was watching them, and then a garbage can lid began hovering in mid air in front of them. There was more to that one , but I just can’t remember. They MAY have heard a voice too.

3) Also , noted in another article in the paper as well as rumored by the students was an elevator ( in the office or library ) that seems to run by itself. Some swear they hear/see a women, or smell perfume.

Titusville. Emma Parrish Theater.
Another theater haunting is not a big surprise at all. Even more common is that this haunting is in the attic. Objects have been seen moving by themselves, accompanied by a horrible smell and cold spots. If you aren’t familiar with these symptoms, the bad smell is usually evident of a malicious haunting, though no claims to such have been made.

In my quest for more knowledge, I came across this book – local to my neck of the woods.


I knew this book was a treasure after the opening chapter about alien world domination. Great accounts of paranormal activity and spooky stories.

My quest ended at this website – The Paranormal Ghost Society

Possibly one of the worst, or best, web layouts I’ve ever seen. The graphics are killer and navigation is extremely difficult. There’s even a beautiful 9/11 memorial page PGS 9/11 Memorial Page

And, oh yes, a paracomedy section



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  1. Jenn S. says:

    Oh man, I have so many questions for Lord Rick! I gotta find out more about the Walmart Ghost. I hope I have the pleasure of embarking on this tour some day. But only if there are crocodile ghosts, too.

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