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Waste Not, Eat Lots: Perros Calientes

Hot dogs are great. Guacamole is great. Cheese is great. Maybe you see where this is going by now…

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Hot dog, it’s really finally summer. I know this because I am sticking to my seat as I type this and also because over 60% of my meals this week included hot dogs. Here’s a good one that really knocks it out of the ballpark. It’s Waste Not, Eat Lots!

Perros Calientes

Let’s see… Leftover black beans, a couple of diced hot dogs, half of an avocado, half of a key lime, and (not pictured) hot sauce and cheddar cheese. I think that covers it. I fried the dogs and beans in a pan and mixed the avocado with lime in a bowl, adding some salt and pepper along the way. Guacamole really is that easy. Of course if you have garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, and/or onions, that stuff should be diced and included as well. But the basics, as far as I’m concerned, are avocado and citrus. I’ve even used orange juice before. When the hot stuff was hot, I sliced some cheddar cheese and put it in the guacamole bowl and then mixed everything together with plenty of Tapatio. It was awesome. The proof is in the pictures! Go loco!

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