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No Rest

Spotlight on Israel and Lebanon. Letters from Rayya.

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Spotlight on Israel and Lebanon

Israeli troops are fighting Hezbollah in several parts of south Lebanon and in southern Beirut. This becomes apparent when you sit back and listen to the sounds of the illegal weapons that Israel is dropping on us. BUT, Katyusha rockets have never been so destructive. Yesterday, August 2nd, 219 Katyusha rockets fell over Israel. 1 person was slain. I cannot tell the statistic that Lebanon endured on the day marking the third week of the war between Hezballah-Israel against Lebanon. CNN did not report it.

Being born in the times of war makes you stronger to endure them once they return, I believe. It is in the aura of the air that you FIRST EVER breath. You become a survivor of war times for the rest of your life. You come to learn the cheapness of lives in one place over others when viewed from the perspective of the western world. They used to call this Israel a democratic society…and in its essence this is true…2 days ago millions of Beirutis awaited their destiny in the hands of a few hundred Knesset members as Israel’s government was in the process of deciding if they should hit Beirut or not hit Beirut. We had not been shelled at yet (at least not to this degree) ..except for the port and our lighthouse. They once hit a truck in the used to be nightlife spot of Beirut where they thought a big construction device was actually a weapon of war.

The night of august the 3rd was horrible. One doughshshshshhhhhhh after another…and in the distance. We awaken to learn that our last escape out of the country, the major highway to the north, has been hit.

Naharnet headlines at PM says that Israel wants 15,000-strong international force in Lebanon hospital officials says that Five Palestinians killed in Israeli raids in Gaza Israeli resumes bombing of Beirut, UN powers close to deal

…(oh but our friend Khofi Anan is on a weekend vacation and according to Lebanese minister mitri now in new york, it won’t be until after the weekend that they resume their talks) as too is Tony Blair (England’s pm) on vacation

This early morning I yearned to return to my rest as the boooooouvee slowly faded to a distance into the continual never ending sound of the otherwise quiet but no longer solem night. Each sound of the next US rocket hitting our Lebanon is coming out of the pockets of most of you American citizens.

when will we see a brighter day,
p.s. THANK YOU very much for all of your concerned and
loving emails…they are VERY much and always appreciated!

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