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by Simon Hunt

-“Television has corrupted our youth,” explains a boy, looking out from under a mop of red-brown hair at the bottom of the new F News website. Over the past year, web editor Nicolette Bond and webmaster Shellie Fiocca have been redesigning F News’ online counterpart. If you go to the site the first thing you’ll see are links to the feature stories from the latest edition of F News running down the center column, with general section links on the left. The site is much more than that, though.

The F News website promises to fill in the holes created by the limitations of the monthly print edition, and generally lord it over the paper-and-ink crowd with their ability to deliver information almost instantaneously. Most promising are the faculty blogs, where popular faculty members such as Vince Michael (Historic Preservation) and Pat Allen (Art Therapy) will regularly reveal what goes on outside of their classes. There are also poetry and literature blogs by Tara N. and Stacy Vowel. F News Forum is a message board with discussion subjects on art, student life, alumni, politics and other topics. The Animation section features work from SAIC, the local community, and links to other online animation—something that would be almost impossible to do in print. The Featured Interview pulls interviews of note from the F vaults; right now they have an interview with Miranda July from 1998, perhaps in anticipation of the wild success of her latest film.The site also includes guidelines for writing articles and submitting art for F, and an archive of past issues of F going back to 2000.

September 2005

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