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Hot Dog Creature’s Origin

July 23, 2024

Every legend has their origin story.

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Therapy Parrot 2

July 19, 2024

HIPPA might not apply to parrots

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Clown Comic

July 17, 2024

How to breakup with your clown boyfriend

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Senior Year? Part Two: I Smell Smoke

November 5, 2023

Transcript: The title text is illustrated as a raging fire, smoke moves left...

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Daylight Savings

November 1, 2023

Transcript: Panel 1:  Text: Every year in November The panel is black except...

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Pine Tree Shortage

November 27, 2021

House plants carry the holidays in "Pine Tree Shortage" by Michaela Chan.

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Bad Parable: Earrings

August 10, 2021

Another installment of Teddie Bernard's Bad Parable.

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5 Literary Podcasts That Will Have You On...

May 26, 2021

Bad book reviews, literary cocktails, and more.

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Lincoln with his Tabby

May 18, 2021

Lincoln's a cat person. Comic by Jessica Zhang.

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Crap Therapy

May 17, 2021

What do you see? Comic by Michael Karp.

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Bird Thoughts

March 13, 2021

Whatever could they be thinking? Michael Karp has an idea.

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Volume 6: Secret Weapon

March 9, 2021

What has Kelly got up her sleeve this time? By Jessica Zhang

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