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The Dude Who Did Everything

April 14, 2009

Getting a chance to encounter even one of Westermann’s works is always cause...

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The Blago Breakdown

February 5, 2009

Following rumors of rampant extortion and suspicious hiring practices in the...

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CHANGE comes to the Arts?

February 5, 2009

No other candidate presented a program that went into as much detail as...

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Displacement: A Review

November 4, 2008

Curated by Wu Hung, Displacement is not a didactic rail against the Chinese...

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Benin: Kings and Rituals: A Review

September 15, 2008

The show’s only stop in North America is wonderfully executed, highly...

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Hans Haacke

May 1, 2008

The grand uncle of conceptual art and institutional critique, Hans Haacke,...

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