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Thor’s Wedding

Loki gets a kick out of Thor’s wedding look

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Frame 1
Thor, a buff man adorned in long braided hair and beard, stands in a wedding dress outside of
the dressing room, talking to Loki who is out of frame.

Thor says, “Are you sure this will work Loki?”

Frame 2
Loki, with equally long braided hair and fantasy-esc clothes, sits on a couch with his phone out,
snapping a picture of Thor and snickering.

Loki says, “Oh yah, it’ll work all right. Wait ‘till they get a load of you.”
Thor turns away from Loki towards a mirror off-frame.

Frame 3
Thor stares at his reflection in the mirror, adjusting the dress around his chest.

Thor says, “Because I need my hammer—”
Loki says, “Just put on the veil, you’ll be fine.”

Frame 4
Loki looks down at his phone chuckling as he texts a picture of Thor in a dress to a group chat.

Thor (out of frame) says,”It could be more snug, but at least I look strong.”

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