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Finally, an answer to the question, “Where did all my socks go?”

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Panel 1: Grawlix is written out, followed by, “Mom! Did you do the laundry recently?” with mismatched socks lying in the hamper.
Panel 2: Main character appears puzzled, with the mom not visible in frame, saying “No Honey”, the main character thinks, “where could they be?”
Panel 3: Zooming in on a frog’s face flashing back to earlier that day.
Panel 4-6: Frog jumps in basket, munches on a sock, jumps out.
Panel 7: A washing machine with a frog sitting next to it, holding a sock in his mouth.
Panel 8: “Behind the laundry machine” showing a frog sitting next to a pile of socks.
Panel 9: SOX. by: Eli Drake

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