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One in 300,000

In Pictures: the Biggest Pro-Palestine protests in the U.S.

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On Nov.4, supporters of the Palestine Liberation Movement traveled from all over the country to participate in a protest in Washington D.C. Big cities like Chicago, Portland, Maine, Boston, Columbus, Ohio, New York, and Orlando became centers for people to gather and board buses several organizations had arranged.

According to the US Palestinian Community Network, one of the organizers of the event, the turnout was approximately 300,000, making this the biggest pro-Palestine protest the U.S. has seen.

Here are some pictures taken by Marium Asif for F Newsmagazine.

As of Nov.28 the death toll in Palestine has surpassed 14,800. President Biden, on Oct.25 stated his skepticism on the reported death toll by Palestine’s Health Ministry.

Climate Action Network called for a Ceasefire in Gaza on Oct.20 saying “The end of the occupation of Palestine is a precondition to ensure a sustained and long-lasting solution.”

“I was on the streets everyday for BLM, why would I shut up when it comes to Palestine. Their liberation is all our liberation,” said Jackie, a student from NYC who didn’t want to share her last name.

The crowd had filled Freedom Plaza, D.C by 1:00 pm, a full hour before the protest was supposed to start.

Different sections around Freedom Plaza were leading their own chants. Towards the back of the plaza, a man had climbed the Brigadier General Count Casimir Pulaski Memorial statue and was leading the chants from there.

Several protestors who attended the protest wore Keffiyeh around their neck and head. Over the years, Keffiyeh, a chequered black and white scarf has become a symbol of Palestinian resistance.

During the protest in one area, a couple of thousand people had congregated with flowers in their hands and listened to a group of teenagers recite the names of the 4000+ children who were killed in Gaza since October 7th.

Yasmine, a member of the Jewish Voice for Peace who did want to share her last name for security reasons, said, “How can anyone believe that we are here marching for anything but life? To not march today would be the same as to stand for the end of life for millions. Jews will march for life!”

An umbrella filled with pro-Palestinian buttons. Artists from all over the world have created several artworks to extend their support for Palestinian people.

Protestors gather in front of the White House.

The event organizers had arranged for namaz accommodation for Zuhr and Asr prayers for the protestors. Tens of thousands of Muslims prayed together in Freedom Plaza.

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