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Ellie Gerken shares about their love of the ocean.

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“Communion” by Ellie Gerken.


Panel 1: Three figures, a father, mother and child who is about 7 walk down a beach together. The child (Ellie) is looking out towards the water.
Caption reads, “I’ve always had a particular love of the ocean.”

Panel 2: close up of Ellie’s face in profile looking up at their father.
Caption reads, “During my family trips as a child”
Ellie says, “I’ll be right back.”
Ellie’s father says, “Alright popcorn.”

Panel 3: Ellie turns and starts moving out of frame to the water as their dad calls out after them, “Don’t get too wet! Or we’ll have to hose them off.”
Caption reads, “Sometimes I would run off to the surf.”

Panel 4: Wide shot of Ellie Approaching the surf as a wave breaks and rolls in
Caption reads, “Just for a moment, Just to be with her”

Panel 5: Close up shot of Ellie’s hands cupping ocean water.
Caption reads, “I’d cup her in my hands,”

Panel 6: Close up of Ellie drinking the sea water out of their hands
Caption reads, “Bring her up to me,”

Panel 7: Ellie is squatting, hands still cupped, water pouring down their chin as another wave
rolls in.
Caption reads, “and let her go.”

Panel 8: Ellie is still squatting, hands cupped as the wave hits them and turns into a beautiful woman made of swirling water and foam that cups their face much like they cupped the sea water. They are looking into each other’s eyes, Ellie with shock and the Sea with something like love.
Caption reads, “I thought of it as kissing her, the sea, this beautiful beast that has touched all and known all,
so that maybe she could touch me too.”

Panel 9: extreme wide shot of Ellie still in the surf, their figure is dwarfed by the sea as they look
out on the sun creeping towards the horizon.
Caption reads, “And I may know a fraction of her infinity.”

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