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Fat Cat Pays a Visit to the Print Studio

Printmedia facilities offer a feast for a certain cat.

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“Fat Cat Pays a Visit to the Print Studio” by Cam Collins


Panel 1
Voice from Off Panel:

Panel 2
Monitor: Hi Miss Gun.
Miss Gun: We’reoutofemulsionitwasn’tmethistimeitwasthicatandhe’slikedrinkingsomuchofitimsorryimsorr-
Monitor: Oh, relax, it is fine…please calm down. Thank you for telling me. I will see how I can fix this
Panel 3
Monitor, thinking: 
I don’t know why she cries everytime we run out of emulsion…anything. I don’t really care if it’s her fault or not, if we’re out, we’re out.Panel 4
Let’s see what’s going on here…Panel 5

Panel 6
A large purple cat with shoes drinks a large container of Emulsion Remover: 
Glug glug glug glug.

Panel 7
The large purple cat licks the inside of the bottle.
Panel 8
Monitor: … Stop drinking that, you can get sick.
Panel 9
Large Purple Cat: 
?Panel 10
Large Purple Cat: 
Too late. I love drinking chemicals. Burp.Panel 11
Large Purple Cat: 
And I have to say, the printmaking department has quite a fine selection. I will reimburse you.

Panel 12
Large Purple Cat: 
Here’s $5000. Keep the change.

Panel 13
Uh, who are you?

Panel 14
Large Purple Cat (Fatcat): 
Oh, I’m Fatcat. I’m a champion chugger who started with milk. Now I’m in the big leagues. I’m in your studio! Let me guess, you’re Monitor? They told me I’d see you, nice to meet you!

Panel 15
Nice to meet you, too! Thanks for telling me all of that…but who are “they”?

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