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Mrs. Brown

Sometimes a third grade teacher leaves an impact far beyond elementary school.

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“Mrs. Brown” by Chana Goldbloom.


Panel one: A closeup of a lady holding the hand of a young girl. “To my third grade teacher, MRS BROWN:”
Panel two: Back view of the lady, MrsBrown, pointing at a chalkboard. On the board it says, “I don’t remember much of what you taught me”
Panel three, four and five: Three different teacher headshots. “or even what you looked like,”
Text box: “but I remember how you held me.”
Panel six: “When I whispered to you” Young girl whispering in the ear of the teacher next to the chalkboard. Girl whispers, “My parents are getting divorced”
Panel seven: Closeup on hand of MrsBrown reaching for the girl’s hand. MrsBrown says, “Come with me.”
Splash panel eight: Teacher leading girl by the hand outside of the classroom to a couch destination. Above the couch reads, “You took me out into the hallway, away from my classmates”
Panel Nine: “and smushed my face into your chest as I cried.” Girl sitting in the lap of MrsBrown, crying while being hugged with her face to the teacher’s chest. Big letters surrounding them read “SOOOOB”.
Text box below panel nine: “THANK YOU.”

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