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Hands Are Hard to Draw

When it comes to hands, artists and artificial intelligence alike struggle.

By Comics, Featured Comics

Panel 1: Text reads, “Everyday I wake up.” Images shows a person stretches in bed yawning. Her hands are drawn poorly.

Panel 2: Text reads, “and scroll through the depths of the internet.” The person holds her phone and scrolls while still in bed. 

Panel 3: Made to look like the homepage of popular social media. It has a For You and a Following Tab Someone posts, “You can always tell when something is done by A.I. because of the hands” with an image of many poorly drawn hands.

Panel 4: Text reads, “Then I go back to sleep.” The person has the blanket over her face and her phone plopped onto a pillow. A thought bubble says “I am no better than an A.I.” 

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