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Art vs A.I.

For F Newsmagazine’s April publication, cartoonists were asked to respond to the relationship between art and A.I. to create a rotating comic, encouraging readers to flip the issue around and continue reading. This is that comic collage, featuring comic panels by Ceilidh (kale) Birkhahn, Chana Goldbloom, Kristen Lee, Shijing Li, Mae Lyne, Pratima Pinnepalli, and Sorin Sukumaran, and designed by Teddie Bernard.

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Transcript: The comic-collage is a rotating comic strip, each panel telling a different story and leading the reader’s eye around in a circle. One panel reads: “NO ART IN THEFT,” showing a hand with too many fingers to be human holding a pencil that is breaking under pressure. A panel next to it shows two dogs. At first, the dog labeled “A.I. Painter 10 years ago” is cowering from the dog labeled “artists.” Now, the “A.I. Painter” dog is antagonizing the “artist” dog, who is hiding under a blanket. Below the dogs is a comic parodying a captcha image verification template. In each of the panels, hands hold flowers or frogs, and the box at the top asks to select every image with a flower. The hands all have more than five fingers, creating an eerie, non-human sense to them. Rotating around, the next panel shows an illustration of a person with glorious hair, particularly long and curly nose hair. The panel reads, “How lovely to know even the curl of my nose hair is art.” Next, a panel shows an artist sleeping comfortably in bed, while “A.I. Generated Work” is on fire in the background. The artist’s bed is labeled, “Me, sleeping peacefully, knowing my work is protected by the DMCA and not at risk for copyright infringement.” Next to it is a black and white panel, illustrating two people in the front seats of a car from the rear seat perspective. The panel reads, “The dusk light streams in from the left side of the car.” Rotating around, a panel reads advertises a concert poster for “Sheena Glamm and the Man,” a special A.I. hologram concert. The panels at this point have made a full circle and can be read continuously.

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