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Symbionics # 3

Sometimes even the hardest working robots struggle to make art…

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Symbionics #3 by Casey O’Connor


Panel 1: Two humans stand in the foreground. The human looking at their phone frowns, saying; “I don’t get this whole “AI art” fad going on…” Their friend next to them rolls their eyes, responding with “Yeah, me neither. Who ever thought a computer could make art???” Behind them, Byte and Bit both look towards the humans, shocked and offended as they overhear their conversation.
Panel 2: Byte sulks with a sad face emoji on their screen, asking “Is that true, Bit?” Bit puts their hands to their hips, looking angry and dismissive. They respond; “Don’t listen to those guys, Byte. They don’t know what they’re talking about.”
Panel 3: Byte and Bit are both running off with determination in their stride. Bit holds up their fistfuls of paintbrushes and pencils, yelling “Computers can make art too! We’ll show them!” Behind him, Byte is following, shouting “Yeah!” in response. They are holding so many pieces of paper in their arms that one of them flutters loose from their grip.
Panel 4: Jumpcut to after Byte and Bit have attempted to draw. Byte is on their hands and knees, defeated. There are drawings littered on the floor around them, all of them weird and scribbly and bad. They say; “Th…They were right…How the heck do humans do this??” Beatrix is in the foreground, holding one of her friend’s drawings. She asks; “Uhh…Why does it have chicken feet?” To which Bit responds angrily “Those are his hands! Isn’t it obvious!?”

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