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The Sky Talks: Back to the Future in Virgo season

Virgo Season, the perfect time to time travel and reflect.

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An illustration of a pink virgo woman against a light blue circle. Around the circle are alternating colors of pink and cream. Each alternating section has little diamonds leading the eye to the woman in the center.

Illustration by Shijing Li.

In kabbalistic astrology, the Virgo cycle begins on the 27th of August and runs until the 25th of September.

Kabbalists teach that in the Virgo cycle we can go back in time. The Virgo season precedes the kabbalistic new year, which is the seed level of the entire year.  It’s not unlike “Back to the Future.” Just like in the ’80s movie with Michal J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, “Back to the Future.” 

Remember Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd needing to go back in the past to correct the future? The Virgo cycle gives us that possibility. It is the sixth month of the year and the last month of the first half of the year. (This first half is what we call the male part of the year). We have the ability and possibility to change the coming. It’s a cleaning cycle where we can go back to the past, correct the future, we can improve our destiny for the next year. With the right consciousness.

Sometimes we say: “If only I could go back in time and do it differently.” Well, this is the moment. 

We can identify our blockages. We must clean the house of our conscience, which can be dirtied with negative patterns or negative  thoughts. So in this time we must take a look at our consciousness, find these negative patterns, and work through them. In Aries we do the physical cleaning of the house and in Virgo we do the cleansing of the conscience.

We need to take the opportunity we are being given this month. Using the present to  correct things we did, wrongly, in the past with the wrong conscience, at the wrong time. We do not need to be held back by the past. If there is a blockage today, somehow we created it. In this life, in our childhood, or in past lives. In Virgo season we have a time machine in our hands, and by identifying negative patterns we can go back in time and correct our past. You will come to understand where your blockages are, what you did wrong, and, with the right conscience, you can correct these blockages to reshape the future. 

Use your time machine in your hand. This is the time you can go back in the past and fix it. These are the examination days of our past. That’s why the Virgo sign has the power to purify and cleanse both the world and ourselves. We must not think only of ourselves but of the whole world.

But how do you apply this process of going back in time?

It is a process called by the Kabbalists as ‘teshuvah’ — ‘to return’ in Hebrew — of looking within, taking responsibility, and altering your ‘movie.’ It is important to emphasize that this process is not about feeling guilty, but about taking responsibility.

The following technology will allow you to go back in time and undo the different negative seeds you planted, allowing you a very special gift that can ensure you are able to have miracles and wonders the following days. 

If we do teshuvah the right way, kabbalist Rav Ahslag tells us, all our negativity will become positive credits. If you really understand what you did wrong and realize the opportunity you have now, all of this will become positive. So when we get to the first day of Libra, the kabbalistic New Year, it’s like your judgment day. Your accusers will become your biggest defenders.

All the negativity you have created will actually turn into positive blessings in your life. Kabbalist Rav Berg explains that if you have harmed a person and you apply this teshuvah process with the right conscience, then that person’s life will become better because of that pain.

What are the steps? 

At the end of your day, take a moment to recount and write down all the negative, reactive, selfish actions of the day. Go one by one, hour by hour, and try to write down as many instances as you can remember. 

Now you apply the actual technology. 

Phase 1

Go back in time to that moment you did the reactive behavior. Feel the feeling, and completely put yourself in the setting … go there. Check each area of the ego: Judgment, Control, Anger, Hatred, Pride, Laziness, and Procrastination.

You can use the Vav Hey Vav from the 72 Names to help you go back in time. 

Phase 2
Feel the pain you caused your own soul, the other person, and the pain you cause the collective consciousness, the whole world, by your actions. Truly feel the pain. One way is to imagine the consequences of your reactive actions. This will help you develop both healthy fear and pain for what you’ve done. 

Phase 3
Recreate the same scene, but this time go through the motions of the scene as if you were completely proactive. Imagine what your consciousness would be, what your words would be like, what you would feel like, to have initiation, restriction, sharing, and proactive behavior. 

Use the Yud Lamed Yud from the 72 Names to elevate the sparks of Light away from the negative side and back into your life. At this moment you have now surgically changed your prior negative actions. At this moment, it is as if you didn’t even do it … as long as you did each step honestly. 

At this time you have now surgically changed your previous negative actions. Right now, it’s as if you haven’t even done it … as long as each step has been done honestly.

Phase 4

The final step guarantees that you have changed “your movie.” You must make a steadfast promise you will never do that negative action again. As a safeguard against making this just some “religious promise” that we probably won’t keep, try to imagine what the next couple days, or even years, of your life will look like with your newfound change. 

That’s it. 

Use this Technology on each negativity that you have if you want to accomplish maximum results this next cosmic opening of the first day of Libra: the Kabbalistic new year.

In addition to being a visual artist, Diana Motta is also a Kabbalistic astrologer. She spent fourteen years immersed in kabbalah studies and graduated at the renowned Academy of Kabbalistic Astrology. She works as a professional astrologer with personalized chart reading services and as a columnist for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil. You can follow her instagram profile for more astrology tips at @dika_astra_eng.

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