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Werewolf Reporters

Abby and Danny have a point about the Reporter’s Club. A comic by Alex Sensiba.

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Page One

Panel 1: A girl runs through an open field, towards the forest and away from a small college town.

Panel 2: She doubles over in pain and shouts “URGK”

Panel 3: The loud CRACK of bones is heard. A full moon hangs above the trees.

Panel 4: Surrounded by wailing sounds; AAAOOOUU, the girl transforms. A mass of fur and teeth and limbs, she becomes a werewolf.

Panel 5: The howl of the werewolf is heard: GGRAAAOOOUU as it travels back over the small college town.

Page Two

Panel 1: A close-up of the werewolf’s eye, its heartbeat babumbabum travels across the page.

Panel 2: A shrub is spotted.

Panel 3: The werewolf’s stares, its pupil now dramatically shrunk.

Panel 4: In the same shrub, through the perspective of the werewolf, the outline of a rabbit is shown.

Panel 5: In a whirl of claw marks, blood, and animal parts, the werewolf tears into a rabbit, a crow, and a deer.

Panel 6: The full body of the werewolf, breathing heavily and covered in blood in the field.

Panel 7: The werewolf staggers closer, shaking.

Panel 8: Even closer, the werewolf is a vague shape of fur and piercing eyes.

Page Three

Panel 1: Two figures walk through an open field, towards the forest and away from a small college town.  The sun hangs above them. Danny, reading a text message, says “Helen says we have ten minutes.” Abby asks, “How is campus security already here?!” Danny replies, “Everyone is looking into last night.” Danny, reading a new text message, adds, “She says the local paper just pulled up.”

Panels 2, 3, 4, 5: Danny takes photos of maimed animals, a rabbit, crow, and deer, and finally a human figure, lying in pools of blood. Meanwhile, Abby speaks over the photographs. She says, “NO! This is our big story! If we find out what all that noise was, the school will have to take Reporter Club seriously! And then we can rub it in the stupid Swim Club’s stupid faces!” Danny, seeing the human figure lying in a pool of blood, cuts her off, saying “Abby…”

Panel 6: Danny looks pensively at the figure, Abby still has not noticed and continues,  “There’s not even a pool on campus, why do they get to—” Danny interrupts, “Abby.” “Huh?” Abby replies.

Panel 7: Both notice and stare at the figure on the ground.

Page Four

Panel 1: Through the lens of Danny’s phone camera, a close-up of the figure: the girl lying on her side in a pool of blood.

Panel 2: Danny and Abby stand near the figure.

Panel 3: Abby reaches out her hand. “Careful,” Danny says.

Panel 4: Abby turns the girl over. “Oh, God,” Abby says.

Panel 5: Danny checks his phone. Abby starts, “Danny, I think that’s…” Danny says, “We have to go.”

Panel 6: Danny and Abby each take hold of one of the girl’s arms, lifting her up. “We can’t leave her!”’ Abby says, “Grab an arm.”

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