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Photo Essay: Galleries Around Chicago

A handful of Chicago galleries featuring emerging artists.

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Chicago is filled with many amazing emerging artists. What better place to spend time, do research, or meet new artists than art galleries?  Non-profit art galleries are budget-friendly and a great way to support local artists.

The first floor in the gallery featuring watercolor paintings some of which were done by John Mooney in Ireland.

The John Mooney Foundation at 114 W. Kinzie.


First room in the gallery featuring paintings and drawings as well as sculptures.

The Bridgeport Art Center at 1200 W 35th St.


Exterior featuring the sign of the arts center.

The Hyde Park Art Center is at 5020 S Cornell Ave.


3 images on a gallery wall featuring a figure.

The interior of the Hyde Park Art Center featuring photos taken by artist Monika Piloplyte.


Her installation also includes an essential oil scent she created herself to smell like rain and enhance the experience of her sculpture.

Weinberg/Newton is at 688 N Milwaukee Ave. This sculpture of moss, plastic, and orchids is made by artist Regan Rosburg.


A clock diagram on the wall.

Life Clock by Matthew Ritchie at Weinberg/Newton.


Overview of the first room in the gallery which features only women artists.

Woman Made Gallery is at 2150 S Canalport Ave #4A-3

Natalie Olivia Plata is a staff photographer at F Newsmagazine.

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