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F Words: Replication as Transmutation

A poem by Katie Wall.

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DNA has no religious affiliations
so it starts no wars
DNA with a black hole in the center
of each and every molecule
for the eternal life it was promised
the soul changes from solid to gas
and back from gas to solid
sublimation allows
civilization to unfold
i wouldn’t say evolve
evolution takes too long
social memes moving
subjugated to constant
DNA hums a little song to itself
as it replicates
(slight deviations)
confident in its transubstantiation
and ancient formulae
the formatting almost always
perfectly aligns
the little bits of chaos
held in place
through R.E.M.
keep the screen moving
so that the story appears
as one continuos whole
really, it is a series of blinks
holding reality intact
the empty space
every sound
the silence
the void
keeps the universe expanding
does the DNA know this?
of wars? of poverty?
of genocide?
does the little DNA
understand the importance of it’s job?
is it self aware?
is there consciousness there?
(subterranean buried in the 6 full feet of one strand)
does each strand of DNA hum a different song?
science doesn’t want to hear
the DNA tell it’s story
it only wants to understand the replication
science leaves the transubstantiation
to no one
philosophy is out of fashion
it’s counter cultural to as why
the machine takes advantage
of the blinking
those fractions of moments
when the eye is closed
can’t see the machine
changing costumes and
rewriting history
sneaky bastard
the DNA presses on
and replicating
and re-raveling
on an endless typewriter
living breathing
becoming growing
an eyelash
so that when the eye blinks
debris from the air
stays out
can’t get in

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