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YouTube Film Festival

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It’s the time of year again– the time in which you need an abundance of Internet videos to procrastinate with. While many of us have a stand-by in streaming television or Netflix, I also love discovering short films on YouTube. I thought, given the time of year and the crunch most of you are under, that I would start this off with my all-time favorite YouTube video — An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube.


I also generally enjoy nature videos. This one is like a Bon Iver  video, without that annoying soundtrack on top.


I’m being facetious, of course, there is a lot in the world to make you feel small, and more outside of this world to make you feel sublime. My friend Danny reminded me this week of this amazing monologue by Carl Sagan.


I invite you to contribute — post your favorite video in the comments section and help your fellow students procrastinate tastefully.



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