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Waste Not, Eat Lots: Brown Cow

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I know I just made tacos last week, but this one’s really more about the meat. You could throw this beef into a salad for all I care. Waste Not, Eat Lots!

Brown Cow

I got some pepper steak strips at the grocery store because they were really cheap. I guess it’s because the meat was pretty tough; I’d advise you marinate overnight to help tenderize. Just use the same stuff I used to fry the beef: Lime juice (fresh squeezed), beer, Tapatio hot sauce. Live and learn. It still came out with great flavor and worked nicely in the tacos. I brought the liquid to a boil before placing the steak in the pan and covering it with a lid. When it looked properly browned, I poured out the marinade and chopped up the meat before throwing it back in the pan for one last sizzle. Try it with rice and broccoli, try it on a sandwich, etc.

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