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Waste Not, Eat Lots: Stuffelet

What does your Thanksgiving turkey and this morning’s breakfast have in common? You ate too much of both! Oh, and one other thing…

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When people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they’re assuming you didn’t eat a whole pizza at 4am the night before. If that’s the case, exercise is probably the most pressing matter. Whatever. This dish has eggs in it, but you can eat it whenever you like: It’s Waste Not, Eat Lots!

Volume VII: Stuffelet

I have to preface this week’s recipe with an admission. I borrowed this idea from a box of croutons a few months ago. The food manufacturer was kind enough, on the side of the box, to offer suggested uses for their croutons, all of which were reasonable (on salad, as soup topping, etc.) except one that I had never even imagined: put them in an omelet. Not one to doubt a box with words on it, I tried it, and it was awesome. So here’s a modification.


This picture really says it all, doesn’t it? Well, almost.

stuffing mix (or, of course, croutons)
lemon (juice)
olive oil (or butter)
salt & pepper

Put it all together in an omelet. The End. (If you don’t quite know how to do that, well, keep reading.)

whipelet... whipelet good

Crack the eggs into a bowl, splash some milk in there, add salt and pepper, and beat with a fork. (Maybe you have an egg beater? Good for you.) Slice the mushrooms and saute them in oil or butter over medium-high heat. When they’re ready, reduce the heat to low-medium and gather the mushrooms in one half of the pan. Pour your beaten eggs in there, hopefully getting an even coat of eggy goo to cover the entire surface. Keep the heat on the low side; the easiest way to ruin an omelet is to burn the bottom before the top gets cooked. Nobody likes burned goo.


Add your ingredients to the mushroomy half of the pan. As is customary, add or subtract as you feel is necessary. But keep the stuffing, that’s the whole point of this exercise. When the egg surface starts to look opaque and near cooked, take your spatula and try to close the “top.”


It takes practice and no omelet is the same. Don’t get discouraged if things fall apart; it’ll still be tasty. Those “scrambles” they sell at your favorite diner are just screwed up omelets anyway. Besides, you can always flip it upside-down and use a sliced tomato to cover up your blemishes. I took it another step and squeezed some lemon juice on the thing. It was zesty, like taking a swig of orange juice after a bite of a normal omelet except at the same time! The addition of bread to eggs is nothing new; people have been eating breakfast sandwiches for years. This is just a nice change of pace. An inside-out Egg McMuffin, basically. It makes me wonder what other sandwiches might be well served by this treatment. Inside-out PB&J, here I come!


3 Responses to Waste Not, Eat Lots: Stuffelet

  1. says:

    Wow this looks delicious

  2. porch says:

    man, i knew chicago was a big town, but for it to be big enough for two EBZ, too much. tu know what im sayin?

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