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Sony suing its "hacker" customers

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by Nick Briz

Do you remember the time when if you’d buy something it would belong to you? Remember when you could modify your car, computer, or any other mechanical device to your liking. Well those days may be long gone. Nowadays, companies lock up the devices they produce with DRM, proprietary screws, and a thick wrapping of legal jargon. Today you can get in trouble for trying to change the battery on your iPhone. More recently, Sony has decided to go after customers who try to open their PS3 and modify it in order to run their own software — even when these costumers are anti-piracy and pro-DRM! This is exactly the case with PS3 “hacker” George Hotz, but he’s not going down without a fight. He started taking donations from online supporters, saying, “I want, by the time this goes to trial, to have Sony facing some of the hardest hitting lawyers in the business. Together, we can help fix the system.”

read more about it here.

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