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Exploding Faces, [Confining Spaces]

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@ Robert Bills Contemporary, feat. Steven Frost – MFA Fiber & Material Studies


Steven Frost, “Roman,” 2010.

The stitched, sequined, and rhinestoned work of SAIC student Steven Frost is currently on view at Robert Bills Contemporary in the West Loop.

The majority of Frost’s works on display are embroidered pleather cutouts of male characters on clean wood panels enlivened with a variety of garish (read amazing) decorations including metallic pompoms. Metallic pompoms—need I say more?

Steven Frost, The Rules of Hemingway, 2010.

Steven Frost, “The Rules of Hemingway,” 2010.

The subject matter of the work includes Roman legionnaires, western cowboys, and sexy matadors. The violence inherit in these characters and their implied story lines are dramatically flipped upside down in a flourish of drag queen materials. Maybe I’ve been watching too much RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The opening reception of Exploding Heads, took place on February 12. The gallery was full of SAIC students, and because Valentines Day was around the corner, full of their out-of-town loved ones. Seriously everyone’s out-of-town boyfriend, including Frost’s, was at the opening that night except mine. Luckily the champagne was in generous supply.

Exploding Heads Opening at Robert Bills Contemporary

Student & Valentine attend Exploding Heads opening.

Exploding Faces [Confining Spaces] is a trio show that also includes Nathan Vernau and Tiphanie Spencer. It is up until March 15th at Robert Bills Contemporary. The gallery is located at 222 N. Desplaines St, make sure to walk down the stairs to the lower level. Hours: Tuesday through Friday 11:00 am- 5:00 pm / Saturday 12:00 pm- 5:00 pm.

– Francisco Rosas, Promotions Manager

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