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In Memory: Corinne Farmer

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By Alejandra Monserrat González Romo
Freelance Writer


On September 20th, SAIC students received an email from the Office of Student Affairs with the news that alumna Corinne Farmer had passed away following a bike accident. Corinne graduated in May from the AIADO program. Her sudden passing occurred just two weeks after moving back to her home in Montreal, Canada.

A tragic loss for her family, friends, and the entire SAIC community, Corinne was remembered at a gathering hosted by the AIADO department on September 21, where it was remarked that she will be remembered for her “permanent smile, spark, and enthusiasm.”

That afternoon, faculty members and students shared their stories, memories, and experiences of Corinne as both a person and artist, interrupted in various moments by periods of profound silence. “She was really well-rounded,” said Lisa Norton, who taught Corinne in two graduate seminars. “[Corinne] was a thinker, but she loved to create; she wanted to concretize her ideas. She was happy and joyful under pressure.”

A co-worker of Corinne’s remembered laughing out loud at her “recycled” jokes. Some of her classmates shared their vivid memories of her extremely heavy final project slowly moving around the campus hallways until it reached its final destination at the gallery, and the damage this did to the back of the volunteer who carried it. Henry, Corinne’s beloved bulldog, appeared more than once in the stories of her classmates and teachers. They all remembered the dog as a welcome, if forbidden, guest on campus.

Some talked about Corinne’s final exhibition experience, during which she was way behind deadline — her advisors were concerned she wouldn’t finish her piece in time, and some students had even asked if they could use some of her empty space in the gallery. Corinne surprised everyone when she showed up just in time with her perfectly finished “je me souviens,” a French-Canadian inspired set of dining table and chairs named after the Quebec motto, which means “I remember” in English.

The SAIC community is working on a series of projects in memory of Corinne, including an exhibition of her work, a scholarship in her name, a collection for charity, lectures, and a memorial statement in the thesis book.

If anyone wishes to speak to a counselor about Corinne’s passing, Counseling Services are available in the Wellness Center, Suite 1300, 116 South Michigan Building. Call 312.499.4271 or stop in to make an appointment, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

6 Responses to In Memory: Corinne Farmer

  1. Maude Favreau says:

    Hello everyone,
    as a short time co-worker of Corinne, I just want to tell you thank you for your text. I worked with her only one day, she would have been my “supervisor” at the Société des alcools du Québec, where we both worked. I did not happened do know her enough to pay her tribute, but the absurdity of the accident left me (and all my team) very shocked. Thank you for helping me getting to know her a little bit more. I pass often by the place she died, there is always flowers, and I always take a minute in her memory.

    Let it be.


  2. David Pagé says:


    I just wanted to thank you guys for the love and respect you gave to Corinne by the creation of this article and of all these projects in her memory. I knew her very well and I am deeply touched by your gestures.



  3. lyse landry says:

    je ne peux encore accepter le fait que tu ne sois plus là avec ton plein d’énergie xxx bravo pour ta si petite vie sur cette terre, je ne t’oublie pas

  4. lyse landry says:

    2 ans aujourd’hui et je ne me fais pas encore à l’idée, je ne t’oublies pas xxx

  5. Antoine Mainguy says:

    J’ai connu très brièvement Corinne Farmer à son retour à Montréal.
    J’ai travaillé avec elle une fin de semaine à la saq Beaubien.
    J’avais été impressionné par son charisme et sa gentillesse.
    La mort dans des circonstances similaires de Mathilde Blais
    m’attriste et me rappelle cet ange qu’était Corinne.

  6. Sebastian Veillette says:

    Je m’y ferais jamais a l’idée ! 😘

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