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Casey Spooner is done with US Tour. Europe's Next.

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By Elliott Beazley

Casey Spooner, of the critically acclaimed electro-performance duo Fischerspooner, went solo by accident.

After laying a track down with a friend in the recording business, Spooner didn’t realize that this would be his first song titled “Cinnamon Toast” which is a mono-toned track about a co-dependence with breakfast goodness. “Cinnamon toast. That’s what I want,” the song says.

I was able to attend Spooner’s first solo concert in Atlanta, GA in August. He was invited to go on tour with long time friends and also critically acclaimed Scissor Sisters. Spooner’s set is classic, a draped stage and a static spotlight. He wears a silver tuxedo and drops the performance and body language that made Fischerspooner famous. There is a focus on language and pronunciation that made for a unique performance. Some people in the crowd ignored Spooner though by talking and tweeting on their cellphones “Who is this guy? I want Scissor Sisters.”

His debut single is called Faye Dunaway. A free download is here.

Spooner will join Scissor Sisters as they continue their tour through Europe. Here are some recent memorable quotes from him via twitter:

“I LOVE touring. But I HATE packing. Really getting sick of digging around in 10 different bags that are in 3 different places.”

“Can’t believe it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go on this tour AT ALL. NOW I get to keep going. Kickstarter fans got me here.”

“I am missing my @scissorsisters bad. Can’t wait to get back on the road. Get ready for insane amounts of sexy fun EURO. You’re gonna get it!”

His new album is called Adult Contemporary, making it the fourth album he’s written. Spooner is an alum of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and lives in New York (when not touring).


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