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Open Letters to Obama

Obama can’t fix everything, but we can ask anyway.

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3 Responses to Open Letters to Obama

  1. dread says:

    Images make a poor substitute for text! CSS can accomplish these “looks” without sacrificing readability and accessibility.

  2. Kevin says:

    I did’nt vote for obama but I hope he can succeed. If he does then we also succeed. I can’t believe all the people that voted for him. I hope they see that he’s a liar. Im a small business owner and boy has he made some changes that has made it harder for me to live and support my family.

  3. grace samborski says:

    I just finished arguing with my husband about our president. He hates him with a passion. I like him very much. I like the way he thinks. I also feel very good about the first lady. I have never heard the people so angry about a president that tries his best to work with the people. Everything he does is critiqued by everyone. They never did this to any other president. i am so happy that we are going thru a recession and are not getting credit as easily. America is going to have to live on real money. That is the only way the economy will be real. We could not have gone on the way it was. doen’t anyone want to take responsibility for what happened. It was not just the goverment that was wrong. America please take responsibilty for what happened. Stop blaming it on the government.

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