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How Strange is Disney’s ‘Strange World?’

December 7, 2022

Maybe it's time Disney leave the animated movies to Pixar.

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A drawing of the three main characters from "The Imperfects." Their faces are blacked out and there is a glitch effect distorting them. Around the edges of the illustration is a floral frame and hands coming in from either side.


Loving the Monster: The Perfect Humans and “The...

November 14, 2022

A chupacabra, a banshee, and a succubus meet in the park to discuss what makes...

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Flung Out of Space Book Review


Book Review: Flung Out of Space

August 11, 2022

How Patricia Highsmith's complicated legacy is explored through comics.

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A Love Letter to “The Song of Achilles”

May 6, 2022

Hannah Ji finds a path to queer self-acceptance through Madeline Miller's...

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