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The Carolines at SAIC

December 7, 2016

Caroline Bergvall and Caroline Woolard presented separately on the role of the...

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5 Questions: Eileen Myles

July 5, 2016

F Newsmagazine sits down with Eileen Myles to chat about the Windy City.

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Sarah Vowell, The Feminist Patriot of Our Time

November 9, 2015

Sarah Vowell spoke to a room of history and radio nerds alike.

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Jodi IRL

November 5, 2015

Art collective Jodi shakes modern perceptions of art.

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5 Questions: Evan Gruzis

October 26, 2015

Evan Grusiz has a distinct voice and sense-of-humor that comes out in his...

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The Obsessively Beautiful Chris Ware

September 9, 2015

Chris Ware is one of the greatest living artists of his genre. In a talk to the...

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