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Miranda July understands me and you and everyone...

September 17, 2005

I dub Miranda July’s new film, Me and You and Everyone We Know, “the...

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Mike Hoolboom Imitations of Life, 1:15:00, 2003

July 18, 2005

With over 50 films and 30 international awards under his belt, Mike Hoolboom is...

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BLO Nightly News, Barbie Liberation Organization, 1994

April 24, 2005

Corporate-driven culture and consumerism run amuck are bad. Very bad. Add...

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At the Video Databank

March 25, 2005

Hester Scheurwater

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Chicago International Film Festival

November 26, 2004

This year's Chicago International Film Festival was a mosaic of styles and...

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