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Copper Odyssey — Gift Pixie Visits the Printmedia Studio

Holidays around the print studio get exciting when a certain friend comes to visit.

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Copper Odyssey by Cam Collins.

Panel 1:

Gift Pixie says, “Hi Print Studio! It’s holiday time, so…open your gifts NOW!”

Panel 2:
Monitor says, “Happy Holiday.”

Gift Pixie, off panel says, “Always a pleasure.”

Panel 3:
Monitor says, “Oh wow! A new umbrella. Thanks a ton.”

Panel 4:
Miss Gun is opening her gift.


Panel 5:
Miss Gun says, “178th Cat Zone Battalion Kit!!! Heart!”

Bad Girl stares at the gifts and thinks, “What the…”

Panel 6:
Bad Girl asks,Monitor… how are these gifts fitting inside the boxes!?”

Monitor says, “Oh yeah…Gift Pixie does that. Just let it be.”

Panel 7:
Mr. Woodcut says, “Here goes nothing!”
Panel 8:
A giant sword appears out of the box. Mr. Woodcut says, “Wow! Thanks!”

SHING!!! The panels of the comic have been destroyed by Mr. Woodcut’s new katana.

Miss Gun exclaims, “The panels!!”

Gift Pixie says, “WELCOME TO THE GIFT!”

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